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School Clubs

The list of the school clubs which we will be offering for the academic year 2020-2021 is shown below.  What clubs and activities we are able to offer will be subject to Covid-19 guidance. 

Please note that this list of clubs is subject to change but accurate at the time of uploading.


New Club: 23rd November

'Tinker, Tailor, Tourist, Spy' National Cipher Challenge Club for Year 9 students after school in Room 129 with Mrs Harding.


Update 10th November

As of Tuesday 10th November all Performing Arts after school clubs will be postponed until the end of the lockdown period. This is in line with the government guidance issued and to ensure staff and pupils are not exposed to any additional potential risks, specifically as Performing Arts clubs are held inside, in small spaces, in close contact, and can involve singing/physical exertion. 

This is for the below clubs: 

Monday - Year 7 Choir

Tuesday - Year 7 Band

Wednesday - Year 7 Drama club, Year 9 Dance club & Year 8 Choir. 

Thursday - Year 7 Dance club, Year 8 Drama club & Year 9 Choir. 

Friday - Year 8 Dance club


The PE lunchtime clubs are currently not taking place. The PE Department will inform students once these clubs re-start. 

School Library Opening Times

The PE Clubs below will start from the 11th January 2021.  For KS3 homework students must attending at least 2 clubs to complete their Spring Term homework. 

PE Extra-Curricular After School Clubs SPRING Term 2020-2021