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Parent Pay

Please click this link to go directly to the ParentPay service portal.


ParentPay is an online payment system for schools. It allows parents to pay quickly and securely for school meals, trips, activities, uniforms, music lessons and fees. You simply top-up your ParentPay account online by debit or credit card. ParentPay is simple, safe, convenient and your child no longer needs to carry cash into school.

ParentPay will be our preferred method of making payments to school. You will be sent more information plus your login details once your child has started at St Edmund's.

What are the benefits to parents and pupils?

  • ParentPay is easy to use and will offer you the freedom to make online payments whenever and wherever you like, 24/7.
  • ParentPay is secure ensuring that your money will reach the school safely - offering you peace of mind.
  • Payments can be made by credit/debit card.
  • Full payment histories and statements are available to you securely online at any time.
  • Your children won't have to worry about losing money at school.

A Guide To Parent Pay

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Cashless Catering

St Edmund's uses a 'cashless' catering system. Students place their fingertip on a scanner to make a payment for their food. This is their ‘digital signature’ which is stored as data points (similar to reference points on a map). The software then encrypts them into a set of letters and numbers which is hosted on our own school server. Nobody has access to this information and it cannot be turned back into a photo or used for any other identification purpose.

The information collected will be used solely for school purposes and held on the school system only. This technology is very secure and is commonly used within secondary schools across the UK.


What happens if I do not want my child to use the Biometric System?

An account can be set up using a Pin number that is unique to your child. Instead of scanning their fingertip they will be asked to type a code into a machine at the cashpoint, rather like chip and pin but without the card.