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Sports Corner


Work well with othersWork independently to improve skills via determination and problem solving through a variety of sports.

Use creative skills individually, in teams or through group work.

Appreciate a wide range of  different sports and experiences.


Enrich every pupils in a broad and exciting curriculum allowing them access to a variety of sports. This is done with the aim to further pupils in sporting participating to internal and external clubs. Maximum participation with maximum enjoyment. Each Sport will allow pupils to develop techniques, overall health and overall fitness.


We also aim for all pupils to experience what is it like to work in a team, developing key social skills and leadership qualities. To value winning and losing graciously. 

Key Stage 3 (Year 7-9)



Year 7

All pupils in Year 7 will undergo a baseline assessment in the first few weeks which allows us to identify ability. Then throughout Year 7 pupils will perform the following sports; Teambuilding, Handball, Gymnastics, Swimming, Athletics, STA Swimming Awards and Rounder’s.

Year 8

Pupils in Year 8 will take part in the following sports throughout the year; Basketball, Touch Rugby, OAA, Swimming, Athletics, Short Tennis and STA Swimming Awards.

Year 9

Pupils in Year 9 will be participating in the following sports- Gymnastics (Parkour), Rugby or Netball, Health Related Fitness, Swimming, Athletics, Cricket/Rounders. In the Health-Related Fitness module a mini exam will take place to support pupils option choice if they have selected PE for Key Stage 4.

Key Stage 4 (Year 10-11)

GCSE, BTEC, Core PE / GCSE Full Course (Optional)


Core PE – All pupils in Key Stage will participate in 3 core PE lessons a fortnight even if they have chosen PE as an option. Core PE in St Edmund's Catholic School is Sports Leader Level 1 Award. This is with Sports Leader UK, who are a recognised exam board. Pupils will be working on improving their social skills, leadership skill and overall fitness throughout the two years. This course is a PASS/FAIL course. Pupils must pass all modules to ensure they pass overall.


GCSE PE Pupils who take the Full course GCSE in PE have to opportunity to enhance their sporting knowledge and ability, and their theoretical understanding of the course.


The EDEXCEL GCSE is made up of three elements; Practical, Theory and Coursework.

 The Practical element is worth 30% of the course and consists of the pupils being assessed in 3 sports. These sports are chosen from a variety of sports taught in lesson time at St Edmunds and sports that pupils can offer outside of curriculum time. Pupils must be assessed in 1 team sport, 1 individual sport and then 1 of either team or individual. Each sport is assessed out of 35 marks and must be videoed for evidence purposes. All sports can be found in the Practical Specification on this page. If you are planning on videoing your child outside of the PE department, they must be seen in both isolated skill footage, and competitive game footage.


The theory element of the GCSE consists of a full Edexcel syllabus with 2 exams:

Exam Paper 1 Fitness and Body System 36% of qualification, 1 hour and 45 minutes.

Exam Paper 2 Health and Performance 24% of qualification, 1 hour and 15 minutes.


The Coursework is 10% of the qualification and is marked by an external moderator. The coursework is worth 20 marks and pupils must carry out and monitor a Personal Exercise Programme with an evaluation. Pupils will perform the PEP practically and complete the project in a computer room.


Edexcel BTEC Tech Award in Sport
KS4 students studying the Edexcel BTEC Tech Award in Sport; Equivalent to 1 GCSE grade 9-1. This course comprises of three components, all of which have a practical element throughout and additional written coursework that underpins all practical work completed. It aims to develop the knowledge of how sport is funded, promoted, and can be used to enhance skilled performance alongside analysing and coaching elements.
Component 1;
Preparing participants to take part in sport and physical activity
Explore the different types and provision of sport and physical activity for different types of participants, barriers to participation and ways to overcome these barriers. Research equipment and technological advances in sport. Learn how to prepare our bodies for participation.
Key points;
Written report (coursework) on the provision of sport and physical activity
Written presentation (Coursework) on Equipment and technological advances.
Video Performance leading participants to prepare to take part in sport.
Component 2;
Taking part and improving other participants sporting performance
Investigate the components of fitness and their effect on performance, take part in practical sport, explore the role of officials in sport and learn to apply methods and sporting drills to improve other participants’ sporting performance.
Key points;
Written report (coursework) Components of fitness and their impact on sport
Written presentation (coursework) Rules and regulation of sport and officials roles and possibilities
Video performance showing performance in individual/team sports
Video performance showing coaching ability within individual/team sports

Component 3;
Developing fitness to improve other participants performance in sport and physical activity.
Develop an understanding of the importance of fitness and the different types of fitness for performance in sport and physical activity. They will also develop an understanding of the body and fitness testing.
Key points;
1hr30min written exam worth 60 marks.
Paper is a mixture of short/long answer alongside multiple choice questions.
Year 8 and 9 Reward Trip
The Champion Cup Winners 2021 took part in the reward trip to Fort Purbrook.  They took part in Laser Quest, Bouldering and an Obstacle Course.   

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