'I can do all things with the help of God who strengthens me.' Philippians (4:13)

Parental Prayer Statement


'As a parent of a Year 9 child at St. Edmund's, I find the fact that collective worship and prayer form a part of their daily routine so important. As a practicing Catholic, it is vital for my child and their spiritual growth that my child has an opportunity to reflect and thank God on a daily basis. Life can be busy and it can sometimes be difficult for my child to attend church on a weekly basis with me, so knowing my child is experiencing daily prayer is a great comfort.  In Catholic education, I believe my child will become a more rounded individual, with strong moral and ethical guidance which will serve them in later life. The school's mission statement that 'I can do all things through the help of God that strengthens us' has built resilience in my child and given them the encouragement to achieve well' - Jackie Robinson, KS3 Parent


'Dear Lord,
Please give strength to the teachers and staff of St Edmund's,
That they continue to go the extra mile for our children's education.
May our children receive Outstanding moral and spiritual guidance
To allow them 'to do all things through the help of God that strengthens me'.

-Jackie R, KS3 Parent


Parental Prayer Statement

'As a Catholic mother of 3 children, one of which is currently at St Edmund's, a faith school has always been extremely important to us, not only through prayer and worship but also because I want my children to grow up with the strength of morals and ethics and experience this daily from those around them. Although we teach this at home, our children actually spend the majority of their time at school surrounded by the students and staff, so it is important to us as a family that their faith surrounds them through their school life. St Edmund's holds the same values as we do as a family, and it's comforting to know that each day we send them to a place they will be learning the same things we instill in them, to help them develop and grow into kind and caring adults. St Edmund's provides my child with the opportunity to engage in collective worship, but also the sanctuary for prayer alone. For me, prayer is the opportunity to take time out of the busy lives we lead, take a step back really appreciating and being thankful for what God has given us. I'm grateful that my children also have the opportunity to do this in their school life.' - Liz Hawes, KS3 Parent

Dear Lord,

May you grant the teachers of St Edmund's your wisdom and peace. 

May they see the gifts in our children that you have given them, and enlighten the courage and strength in our children to use them. May they be forgiving of mistakes and encouraging of strengths, firm but patient in their expectations. 

Fill our teachers with the strength to lead and the grace to guide. May your blessings be bestowed upon them and your love shine through them


Liz H, KS3 Parent

Parent Prayer

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