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PE School Uniform

The school introduced a new PE kit which was implemented from the 1st September 2015 and compulsory for all new Year 7 students joining St Edmund's. Parents will be able to purchase the uniform directly from the school.

To ensure consistency the following is the only PE kit which is acceptable:

  • Black/Green/White embroidered sports top.
  • Black/Green/White sports shorts.
  • School kit socks (compulsory).
  • Plain black tracksuit bottoms in winter.
  • Plain black tracksuit top (outside only) in winter.  
  • *X-Trainers/Running Trainers/Astro football trainers (NO canvas)

    *Not available to buy from school but can be bought from sports shops and/or supermarkets

Students are not allowed to wear any other colour PE shorts than the school PE shorts.

Acceptable Footwear for the new Astro Turf

Students using the astro turf must only wear trainers or astro-shoes (shown below). Blades and studs are NOT permitted. We want to keep this new facility in great condition so we can continue to use it for years to come.

Students are to respect the astro turf by adhering to the school rules of no eating, no litter and no chewing. Sanctions are in place if the school rules are not respected.

School Uniform Shop Enquiries

For any enquiries relating to the School Uniform shop please contact:

Email: uniformshop@saintedmunds.org.uk