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Film Studies

Film Studies offers the opportunity for pupils to develop skills deconstructing, analysing and evaluating a variety of film genres. Pupils will focus on Film History, Genre, Target Audiences, Representation, Narrative and Aesthetics.

Film Studies provides pupils with knowledge of how films are produced, distributed, exhibited  and marketed to specific target audiences. Pupils are able to critically explore their personal responses to a diverse range of films produced in Hollywood and independently.


Year 10 covers the study of Component 2 (35%) and we examine: Tsotsi, District 9 and Skyfall.

Year 10 pupils start on their Component 3 NEA production work (30%), which gives them the chance to create their own screenplay and have the opportunity to become a director and produce a scene from their own film.

Year 11 covers the study of Component 1 (35%) and pupils study US films: Invasion Of The Body Snatchers, ET and The Hurt Locker. They also study the history of film.

This close link of practical and theoretical work allows pupils to explore a variety of films in a creative way.

They also learn about exiting career pathways in the film industry.

In the News - Spring
We are now in Oscar Season and below is a link to the top nominated films this year that have links to catholism
In the News - Autumn
Year 10 will be beginning in the Spring Term with studying narrative techniques and film theory in District 9 and then looking at aesthetics in Skyfall. After Easter they will begin work on their NEA creating film openings or screenplays for their own film in a chosen genre.
Year 11 will be updating and finishing their Non-Exam Assessment work. Pupils will complete their Screenplay or Film extract along with a written evaluation and then focussing on revising their 6 set films in preparation for the 2 written exams: Tsotsi, Skyfall, District 9, E.T, Invasion of the Body Snatchers and The Hurt Locker.
Film article
'Recently, in GCSE Film Studies, we were tasked with planning, creating ,editing and presenting a horror trailer. We were put into groups and had to work together to develop our ideas and plan the types of camera shots and locations around school that we would use. We learnt to use apps that allowed us to edit and now with modern technology it's possible to create a film and edit just on an Iphone. 
We also made a power point presentation to present our trailer and explain our choices of locations, camera work, dialogue, sounds and how this would show the horror genre and engage a target audience. It was interesting watching each group's work and seeing the great shots and sound effects they had used. All the groups worked hard and made amazing horror trailers- one even starred the Head Teacher , Mr Graham, and Miss Tudor who acted very well. Though Miss Tudor said she wouldn't be giving up her day job soon !'
Tahlia Year 10