'I can do all things with the help of God who strengthens me.' Philippians (4:13)

High Flying Activity of the Month


May High Flyers Event - The Catenian Public Speaking Contest
The Catenian Public Speaking Contest is a celebrated and prestigious speaking competition which is recognised nationally. The English Department have emulated its success here at St Edmund’s with all year groups taking part; standing on stage and delivering a prepared speech on a topic of their choice to 3 judges. The speech had to be exactly four minutes and was scrutinised using a rigorous mark scheme - ultimately giving a champion for KS3 and KS4. These will be announced in the summer Celebration Assemblies. 
Pupil's that took part said:
"I think the speaking competition was a great way to boost our confidence and prepare us for speaking in front of people. It is also a good thing for a prefect application, for the future, to say that you have done it" - Noah Dall'Omo, 8 Kolbe
 "It was very fun listening to other people's choice of topic and the way they expressed their thoughts and opinions" - Nessi Kwinirba, 8 Devereux 
'It was really interesting to hear what the KS3 pupils had to say about the world around us. It is so important that we all have a voice.' - Julia Wiesneswka, Year 10



At St Edmund’s Catholic School we are committed to providing the best possible standard of education and personal development for all pupils regardless of ability. Within this context we aim to meet the needs of specific groups of pupils including those identified as being in the Higher Band of attainment at KS2.

There is no precise, agreed, national definition of more able pupils or a specified percentage of the school population who should or do fall into this category.


Curricular Provision


Every department will differentiate schemes of work to allow for provision for High Flyer pupils ensuring that they are challenged and engaged in their learning.

Each subject teacher will differentiate their lesson plans to ensure that the High Flyers are challenged and engaged in their learning whether they are gifted in that subject area or not.

In addition, HF pupils will be offered access too:

  • Extra-curricular sporting events
  • Music, Dance and Drama performances
  • Participation in external academic and cross curricular events
  • Access to visiting speakers


All pupils identified as High Flyers in EBACC subjects at KS3 are expected to complete the EBACC qualification at GCSE.

Current Curriculum Provision 2021-22

A range of activities and courses designed to enhance the learning of HF pupils are available. Most of these activities are open to many more pupils than those on the register.

Year 10 and 11 Pathway 1 are given the chance to apply to study triple science and have had early entry for physics.

All year 10 pupils have early entry for English Literature. Previous results exceed local and national averages for 7+.

Year 10 pupils have option of choosing Fine Art, Ancient History, Sociology and Psychology at KS4.

Extra Curricular provision

St Edmund’s school will provide a range of extra curricular activities to enrich the learning of all pupils including those that are HF. These will be organized by different departments as well as by the High Flyer coordinator and will include activities in partnership with other educational providers.

Current Extra Curricular Activities

Current list of clubs includes some identified as Learning Plus where pupils are going to be able to extend their learning.

  • Advanced Table Tennis
  • Performing Arts Day
  • School Productions (one Drama and one Musical per academic year)
  • Shakespeare School’s Festival
  • Water Polo
  • Band
  • Catenian Debate club
  • KS3 Spelling Bee Championships
  • Boys Dance Club
  • Assembly Musicians
  • The Eagle
  • STEM Club (Year 7 and 8)
  • Maths Challenge (Year 10)
  • Ethics Club
  • Cosmetic Club
  • Faraday Award
  • Literacy Quiz
  • UKMT Maths Challenge (KS3)
  •  Mensa IQ Tests (Year 10)
  • AMSP Workshops (Year 11)
  • Grade 9 Club (Year 11) 

High Flyers Badge

Pupils are invited to apply for a ‘High Flyers Badge’ once they have attended three or more High Flyers event over the calendar year. Pupils should submit their badge form to Mr Were or to their tutor.




How can you help your High Flyer?

You can help your child flourish by encouraging them to:

  • watch educational and current affairs programmes such as the news, nature programmes and documentaries.
  • read a quality newspaper and discuss and debate topics they have read.
  • listen to podcasts and engage with what they are saying (Oxbridge admissions officers emphasise the need to engage and critique such ‘super-curricular’ resources as part of their successful admissions interview).
  • be resilient and accept that they will be challenged at school and that is a good thing.
  • listen to different types of music, increasing their cultural capital.
  • visit places of cultural and educational interest particularly whilst on holiday such as nature reserves, art galleries and museums.
  • explain what they have learned at school and, in particular, how they have learned (metacognition).

High Flyer’s Onward Journey

At St. Edmund’s we believe it is important for students to research Higher Educations institutions such as universities and degree apprenticeships so that they can make an informed decision about their future and how they can achieve their future aspirations. The website for The Russell Group offers pupils an insight into the top 24 Universities in the UK and the courses and opportunities they provide pupils. Working on non-academic skills is also beneficial– the Russell Group universities, universities of Oxford and Cambridge and top employers want students who are intellectually curious as well as having good grades, resilience and independence.

High Flyer's Policy

 High Flyer Policy January 2022.pdfDownload
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