'I can do all things with the help of God who strengthens me.' Philippians (4:13)

Year 8 Home Learning Tasks

 Engineering Year 8 ISOLATION TASK 1 - Types of Plastics.pdfDownload
 Engineering Year 8 ISOLATION TASK 2 - Recycling plastics.pdfDownload
 Engineering Year 8 ISOLATION TASK 2 - Worksheet .pdfDownload
 Food Year 8 Isolation Task 1.pdfDownload
 Food Year 8 Isolation Task 2.pdfDownload
 IT-Computer Science Year 8 Task 1.pdfDownload
 IT-Computer Science Year 8 Task 2.pdfDownload
 SELF ISOLATING PUPILS - YEAR 8 English Tasks.pdfDownload
 Year 8 - Art Autumn Term (Isolation Work) 2 Animals Patterns.pdfDownload
 year 8 - Art Autumn Term (Self Isolation Work)1.pdfDownload
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What is the law and how is it changed?

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Please access the 2 sessions (each contain a video and powerpoint) within the files of your Microsoft Teams group.  

Please email your PE teacher your fitness scores once you have completed the tasks.