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Use of Bursary 2023 - 2024

As you may be aware last year the school received additional finances to support students who are eligible for free school meals.  This money has been used in a variety of ways which you can view via the school website. I am pleased to inform you that the government has funded this again for the current year. 

Once again we have decided that it would be beneficial to give parents a ‘bursary’ which they could use at their discretion for the specific needs for the education of their child. This was successful last year in supporting the learning of many students.

The bursary amounts to £120 and is available for parents to use during this academic year.  (This money cannot be given directly to parents) but spent in school at the request of parents.   However, if the technology or building fund has not been paid for this academic year this will be deducted from the bursary if it is not used by the 31st March 2024.

For example, the bursary could be used to:


  • contribute towards the cost of uniform.
  • supplement the cost of a school trip.
  • pay for specific school related resources.
  • pay for work experience (Year 10 only).
  • go towards paying the school building fund or technology.
  • contribution towards music tuition.
  • other agreed expenditure.


As a public funded organisation the school is accountable for the money and must be able to demonstrate proof of expenditure via a receipt.  I am aware that some support has already been given to parents via their bursary. All bursary money needs to be spent by Monday 1st July 2024 so please ensure if you wish to utilise this for anything i.e. any student transitioning into KS4 to purchase the uniform in advance of the 30th June.  No bursary requests will be authorised after this date unless for exceptional circumstances.

To access the bursary there is a claim form which needs to be completed prior to any money allocated. (Transactions must total over £10 per claim form).   Should further support be required (i.e. for a one-off in a lifetime trip) then please contact the school to seek further help.

If you wish to use your bursary at any time during the academic year or have any further questions please contact the Finance Office on 023 9282 3766 extension 254 or by email finance@saintedmunds.org.uk or your child’s Pastoral Leader.  This bursary will only be available during this academic year and I hope that it will help support you in some appropriate way.


Click here to download the full bursary letter

Deadline to use the bursary funding is MONDAY 1ST JULY 2024

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