'I can do all things with the help of God who strengthens me.' Philippians (4:13)

Due to Covid please ensure all pupils are fully equipped as stationery cannot be lent out.

Timeline for Appeals

ALL appeals need to be requested before Friday, 3rd September 2021.  This can be done by completing the Appeals Stage one document below and emailing it to myexams@saintedmunds.org.uk.  To ensure this is given the highest priority please label APPEALS in the subject heading.  Once we have an outcome, we will communicate this to you via email.  If necessary the Stage 2 document will be made available to you.


Please note that there are two stages to the appeal process this Summer (see details below).  You can request Stage one without proceeding to Stage two.  However, you are unable to complete Stage two Appeal without completing Stage one.  


Priority Appeals are not available for GCSE's as this is only for Students who's results are pending a university place.

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Year 11 Info Evening By SW

Year 11 Revision Tips By CA

Year 11 Information Evening

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 Yr 11 Information Evening handouts Mr Wilkinson.pdfDownload
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Year 11 Examination Information

 Student Guide to Awarding in Summer 2021.pdfDownload
 Centre Policy TAG FINAL.pdfDownload
 Year 11 Summer 2021 Plans 080121.pdfDownload
 Year 11 Exam Booklet.pdfDownload
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