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Approach to Teaching

Media Studies offers the opportunity for pupils to develop skills including deconstructing and evaluating media texts, role play, design and production of media texts and debate and discussion. Media Studies gives pupils an insight into how media texts are designed and produced; the messages they carry and how they affect groups and individuals. The subject encourages pupils to think about the way the media represents and shapes society therefore becoming more discerning media consumers. The Practical Production that is produced in Year 11 allows independence and creativity. Pupils have the chance to make a trailer for a TV programme or film, a music DVD or a magazine. Students also work with The Creative Crew from The University of Portsmouth when they write, direct, act in and edit a short film.

Key Stage 3 content (Year 7-9)

Media is not currently available for KS3 pupils.

Key Stage 4 content / exam board / spec (Year 10-11)

AQA 4812

Unit 1: Investigating the Media

Written Paper 1 hour 30 minutes – 60 marks 40%

External Assessment, based on a pre-released topic with guidance and stimulus


Unit 2: understanding the Media

3 Controlled Assessments taken from banks of set assignments

Moving Image.
Web based Media.
Advertising and Marketing.
Packaging of DVD's.
Promotion of music.
Children’s comics.
News broadcasting.

Useful Resources

 Media Long Term Plan.pdfDownload
 Media Options Evening Hand Out.pdfDownload
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