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International Women's Day

9 March 2020 (by Lisa Slight (lslight))

Celebration of International Women's Day

Students within their English lessons this week will be learning about International Women's Day.  Some of the resources are as follows:


History of feminism
Links to Language Paper 2 – 2 extracts (One by Caitlin Moran, one by Emmeline Pankhurst)


Unseen poetry –

Watch “Be a lady they said” – discuss themes/language/structure

TWIST/ analysis poem

“How does the poet express the speaker’s feelings?” Rupi Kaur ‘Untitled’ from ‘Milk and Honey’

Will also prepare question prompts regarding equality/gender in the literature texts that they are studying, which can be used as a starter.


‘We Should All Be Feminists’ speech
Unpick speech, discuss ideas about femininity and masculinity.
Write their own speeches entitled ‘We Should All Be Equal’ / ‘We Should All Be Feminists’ depending on ability.


Gender based children’s toys
Watch clips based around ideas involving gender based toys and unconscious bias.
Create a poster and presentation about why toys should shouldn’t be stereotyped.


Linked to fair trade – Food technology

Creative writing of women working in cocoa farms.

Pupils to draw on 5 senses

First person – female farmer eating chocolate for the first time