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Reading Week

4 October 2019 (by Lisa Slight (lslight))

7th - 11th October Reading Week

Next week will be reading week where all students will need to ensure they have a reading book with them for every lesson in Key Stage 3 (Year 7, 8 and 9). Even better if they have a spare, just incase they finish the book they are reading.    If they are in Year 10 they need to be reading their set texts for English Literature.

The week is too encourage the enjoyment of reading, some pupils are reluctant to read.  So please encourage them by saying they can read anything they enjoy.  This includes, autobiographies, factual books ( For example, how to be an ace football player), comic books (graphic novels), the school newspaper 'The Eagle' etc.   Especially, if they struggle with reading and have a really low reading age. 

The Visually Impaired children should be able to access ebooks by using safari, our school website, Departments LLRC, scroll down the page and click 'ebooks'.  They can then log in and read or listen to a book.  the advantage of this, is they can enlarge the print, change the font style, spaces between the lines.  If their eyes get tired, they can also  borrow an audio book.  If students need help with this then they can go and see the school Librarian, Mrs Edwards.

A reading book is part of the school equipment list so students must have a book on them at all times.