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End of Term Arrangements

4 July 2019 (by Lisa Slight (lslight))

End of Term / Start of Term Arrangements

Early Closure

Firstly, a reminder of an early closure on Tuesday 9th July 2019,  Here the school finishes at 1.15pm in order to facilitate additional time for staff training which will continue until 6pm.

 End of Term Arrangements

The last day of term is Friday 19th July 2019 and we will be celebrating the onset of the holiday with the ‘End of Year’ service at St John’s Cathedral.   This will finish just after 11.30am.  Students may then either be collected from the Cathedral or make their own way home as normal.

You are welcome to join us for the ‘End of Year’ service which will start at 10.30am.  This will be a special Mass in memory of Barry Wright and thanksgiving for our school year.

School Uniform

School uniform for next year may be purchased during term time 3pm – 4pm or during the summer holidays as listed below:

Monday 26th August 2019 (CLOSED as Bank Holiday).
Tuesday 27th August 2019 (CLOSED).
Wednesday 28th August 2019: 9.30am - 1pm (School Hall).

Thursday 29th August 2019: 9am – 1pm (School Hall).
Friday 30th August 2019: 9am – 1pm (School Hall).

Monday 2nd September 2019 (CLOSED).

Tuesday 3rd September 2019:9am – 12noon (School Reception). 

Students are able to purchase the uniform during break time or lunchtime.  The school accepts payment via cheque (payable to ‘St Edmund’s Catholic School’, PDQ or cash.  Payment cannot be made through Parent Pay.   Alternatively, please visit our dual supplier PA School & Sportswear, Tangier Rd, Copnor, PO3 6RB.

Please note that the school ties and school PE socks can only be purchased through the school.

Over the summer students sometimes coerce parents into buying them black canvass pumps/trainer shoes.  We do not allow black canvass pumps/trainers. Leather shoes should be worn at all times which are plain black and without a logo.  Trousers with zips and straight skirts (KS4) are not permitted.

Upon return hairstyles must be clean, tidy and of reasonable length.  Exaggerated and coloured hairstyles are NOT permitted; this includes hairstyles which are deemed to be excessively long or short. Hair length should be the same with no difference in grades or line markings etc. Hair colouring should be natural only.  There should be no braiding/beading. Hair with shaved head designs are NOT permitted. In the past we have also had students return with piercings.  As you are aware these are not permitted.  For jewellery students are only allowed to wear 1 pair of small stud earrings; a watch; a crucifix to be worn underneath the shirt/blouse.   Students who return in September and contravene the school’s Uniform Policy will be sent home initially and then placed in inclusion. 

Start of Term Arrangements

Pupils will return the next academic year as follows:

Monday 2nd September: Inset Day (School closed)

Tuesday 3rd September: Inset Day (School closed)

Wednesday 4th September: Year 7 (8.20am start) and Year 11 (9.30am start).

Thursday 5th September: All years return (8.20am start).

Friday 6th September: All years (8.20am start).