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Easter Maths Mock

26 February 2019 (by Lisa Slight (lslight))

Year 11 Maths Mock Exams

As an outstanding school, Saint Edmund’s aims to constantly refine and improve the procedures in place for students preparing for examinations. We want our students to achieve the best possible results for themselves and continue the culture of success prevalent in the school. The Mathematics department has therefore introduced an additional mock GCSE to be taken during the weeks before Easter.

There are several benefits to this additional exam; it will provide a key target to work towards during the run up to Easter and will then allow revision to be targeted towards specific weaknesses over the Easter holidays.

The result of the mock is very important - this will be the grade given to colleges, when requested, and used to decide which course a candidate is suitable for.

Please note that the result of the mock will also be used to decide the final tier of entry; whether a student should sit the Higher or Foundation tier.

The examinations will take place on;

Paper 1 (No calculator) - Wednesday 20th March, 1:30 pm

Paper 2 (Calculator required) - Friday 29th March, 11:30 am

Paper 3 (Calculator required) - Friday 5th April, 10:00 am

Each paper is 1 hour 30 minutes long.

Students have been provided with many materials to help assist revision; past paper booklets, MathsWatch video suite, personalised revision timetables and the MyMaths website. Combined together these are powerful sources of revision which, with regular use, will ensure success.

We wish you all the best in helping prepare for the upcoming exam season and thank you for your continued support.