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Events & Calendar Clashes

1 May 2018 (by Lisa Slight (lslight))

Key dates and events which are taking place during the summer term

As you are aware, the Government has made huge changes to the GCSE examinations over the past few years. These have resulted with students now facing an increase in both the number of examinations they sit and the length of time that they will take. This will obviously have an impact on all our children, but also unfortunately affects the running of the ‘normal’ school day. Whilst on the whole the school is in a position to manage this, there will be days when the timings of lunch will change. Also, as a result of Year 10 and Year 11 taking their Physics 1 examination on the 23rd May, we are in a position where we cannot operate lunch facilities and require a large number of additional classrooms. In light of this the school will finish at 12.15pm on Wednesday 23rd May. Food will be available for students as normal during break time. In addition to this, I can give you advance notice of an early closure on Wednesday 11th July. Here the school will finish at 1.15pm in order to facilitate additional time for staff training which will continue until 6pm. Should any of these early closures cause an issue with childcare, we can offer a limited number of places for students to work in our LLRC. Please contact your Head of Year to arrange this.

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