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Mr J. Were

22 March 2018 (by admin)

2000 Leaver

When I walked out the gates on that balmy June afternoon in 2000, I had no idea I'd be back 7 years later to haunt the hallowed corridors of PO1 1RX; weightier, wiser, better dressed (although that's arguable). It seems only yesterday that I'd been ripping holes in my trousers on the KS3 playground, cowering in fear of Mr Crossland in Science or being given free reign to feed my imagination by Mrs Jackson in English. Now, I'm the one feeding imaginations (although I do still occasionally have a hole in my trousers). In some ways I'm a bit sad that my school days have been erased by all my experiences as a member of staff here, but the inclusive atmosphere and ethos of St. Edmund's means I can't grumble really. It's amazing to see so many ex-pupils return here as staff - there's around six of us at the moment - and that is testament to the community ideal that this school fosters. I have so many friends that pop back to represent staff teams or ask how members of staff are; everyone who leaves St. Edmund's remembers it with fondness. Facilities these days are also exemplary - the school has undergone a huge turnaround in the time I have been here and that is all credit to the amazing effort of pupils and staff alike. It is a real pleasure to come to work here everyday knowing what a difference we all make. Of course, on the off-chance I do forget those old days I am always reminded by my old school photo hanging on the wall; I swear it grows older and uglier every day whilst I remain preserved - unblemished in some garish and gaudy suit, a modern day Dorian Grey. I hope the pupils I have the fortune to teach now come back in future to keep the St Edmund's conveyor belt of talent turning...

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