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Ann - Passenger on the Gosport Ferry

14 September 2022 (by Rob Hughes (rhughes))

I recently noticed one of your pupils on the Gosport Ferry and asked her which school she went to because I didn’t recognise the uniform.She told me to Saint Edmunds.When my husband and I stood up to leave the ferry, very she’s very politely stepped back and allowed us to go in front of her.Her whole demeanour was humble and caring and I was very impressed, as I was with her general appearance.I wanted to say how proud should be of her and probably other students in the school and it feels to me that you are doing you good job.(Incidentally I am now 76 years old and have been a teacher all my life and still teach music and yoga at home).Unfortunately I don’t know the name of the particular student but I thought you would like this feedback.Most sincerely,Ann Norris.