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End of Term / Start of Term Arrangements

2 July 2021 (by Lisa Slight (lslight))

Letter from Headteacher

It has certainly been a year to reflect upon and without the incredible support from our St Edmund’s family we have been able to re-engage students back into their ‘face to face’ learning.  It goes without saying that students have been incredibly focused and are following the school’s procedures in regard to Covid compliance.

Early Closure

A reminder of an early closure on Tuesday 13th July 2021. Here the school finishes at 12.25pm in order to facilitate additional time for staff training which will continue until 6pm.

End of Term Arrangements

The last day of term for Years 7, 8 and 9 will be Friday 16th July 2021 and we will be celebration the onset of the holiday with a spiritual reflection. School will finish at 12.25pm.

For Year 10 students they will be having their own spiritual reflection on Thursday 15th July 2021 and tutor time when they will have a slightly later start time of 9am and will be finishing at 12.25pm. This will be the last day for students who will return a day earlier than all other year groups in September.

School Uniform

School uniform for next year may be purchased during term time 3pm to 4pm or during the summer holidays as listed below:

Monday 23rd August 2021(9am – 1pm)
Tuesday 24th August 2021 (9am – 1pm)
Wednesday 25th August 2021 (9am - 1pm)
Thursday 26th August 2021 (9am – 1pm)

Friday 27th August 2021 (9am – 1pm)

Monday 30th August 2021 (CLOSED – Bank Holiday)

Tuesday 31st August 2021 (CLOSED)

Wednesday 1st September (Inset Day) (Open 9am – 12noon)


Students are able to purchase uniform during break time or lunchtime. Alternatively, please visit our dual supplier PA School & Sportswear, Tangier Road, Copnor, PO3 6RB.  Please note that the school ties and school PE socks can only be purchased through the school.

Over the summer students sometimes coerce parents into buying them black canvass pumps/trainer shoes.  We do not allow black canvass pumps/trainers. Leather shoes should be worn at all times which are plain black and without a logo.  Trousers with zips and straight skirts (KS4) are not permitted.

Upon return hairstyles must be clean, tidy and of reasonable length.  Exaggerated and coloured hairstyles are NOT permitted; this includes hairstyles which are deemed to be excessively long or short. Hair length should be the same with no difference in grades or line markings etc. Hair colouring should be natural only.  There should be no braiding/beading. Hair with shaved head designs are NOT permitted. In the past we have also had students return with piercings.  As you are aware these are not permitted.  For jewellery students are only allowed to wear 1 pair of small stud earrings; a watch; a crucifix to be worn underneath the shirt/blouse.   Students who return in September and contravene the school’s Uniform Policy will be sent home initially and then placed in inclusion. 

Start of Term Arrangements (Depending on Government guidelines/Covid information)

Pupils will return the next academic year as follows:

Monday 30th August: Bank Holiday (School closed)

Tuesday 31st August: School Holiday (School closed)

Wednesday 1st September: Inset day (School closed)

Thursday 2nd September: Year 7 Only (Transition Day)

Friday 3rd September: Year 7 (8.20am start) and Year 11 (8.30am start)

Monday 6th September: All Years (8.20am start)


Our term dates and Inset Days for next year are as follows:

Autumn Term:              1st September – 17th December 2021

Term 1: 1st September 2021 – 22nd October 2021

Half Term:         25th October 2021 – 29th October 2021

Term 2:             1st November 2021 – 17th December 2021


                                    Christmas Holiday: 20th December 2021 – 3rd January 2022


Spring Term                 4th January – 8th April 2022

Term 1: 4th January 2022 – 18th February 2022

Half Term:         21st February 2022 – 25th February 2022

Term 2: 28th February 2022 – 8th April 2022

Easter Holiday:  11th April 2022 – 22nd April 2022

Summer Term:             25th April – Friday 15th July 2022

Term 1: 25th April 2022 – 27th May 2022

Half Term:         30th May 2022 – 3rd June 2022

Term 2: 6th June 2022 – 15th July 2022


Inset Days:

Wednesday 1st September 2021

Friday 26th November 2021

Monday 18th July 2022 (Disaggregated) 

Tuesday 19th July 2022 (Disaggregated)

Wednesday 20th July 2022 (Disaggregated)


Purchasing of Food Thursday 2nd September – Tuesday 7th September

Over the summer the school will be upgrading our cashless catering machines which is great news, however, this will require all students to be re-enrolled onto the system. Whilst this is being undertaken on Thursday 2nd September to Tuesday 7th September students will be required to bring in cash to pay for any break/lunch food or bring in a packed lunch. Provision will be provided for those students on Free School Meals. From Wednesday 8th September the cashless system should be back up and running.

May I thank you for the continued support that you give your child and St Edmund’s.  The school will continue to follow the government guidance in regard to Covid in regard to the wearing of masks, sanitisation and social distancing measures. I would also kindly ask that you continue with the lateral flow device (LFD) tests every Wednesday and Sunday, and would encourage all students to undertake the LFD test on Wednesday 1st September before they return. I will of course write with an update if there is any considerable change over the summer which may impact our way of working when the school re-open in September.  

Should any student require any mental health support over the summer then please email/contact Miss Yung Hok on 023 9282 3766 who will have some availability during the 9th – 20th August.

Finally, I wish all of our extended family a bright and joyful summer holiday.

“Having faith does not mean having no difficulties but having the strength to face them, knowing we are not alone.” Pope Francis.

Mr S Graham