'I can do all things with the help of God who strengthens me.' Philippians (4:13)

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Year 11 Preparations to Leave St Edmund's

26 April 2021 (by Lisa Slight (lslight))

Important letter for Year 11 students

The time has flown by since students joined the school, which for the vast majority was in September 2016. After an amazing first three years, our children have had to face much of their GCSE learning with the impact of Covid-19.  The impact of which will be with many of us for the rest of their lives. Fortunately, with the early move last summer to live learning lessons, students have been taught the vast majority of the curriculum within their various GCSE subjects.

As you are aware, GCSE grades for students will be based upon in-school assessment rather than formal examinations. The body responsible for GCSE examinations, JCQ, has issued very strict guidance for schools to follow with a clear mandate to hold them to account for accurate and realistic assessment data. The evidence base for these must be of sufficient rigour and appropriate challenge to help ensure consistency on a national basis. Schools are required to have a rigorous policy and procedures in place to achieve this. 

Having started this final half-term for Year 11, it is essential that students understand the importance of all classwork and the final block of in-class tests. The vast majority of these will be completed by the 28th May and the final assessment data must be submitted to the examinations board by the 18th June.

As students will have completed all assessments, the last day for students will be Friday 11th June. This will be their last full day in school. The final week after half-term will allow time for any final evidence to be collected, ensuring that students hand in all work to staff and sign the necessary documentation.  Teachers will ensure that the learning environment is focused and conducive to allowing students to work to the best of their ability.  There will also be a range of tutor activities and a focus on moving onto College and the use of the ’flying start’ materials provided by the Colleges.

Should any individual be unfocused and disrupt the final preparations of others or be non-compliant in any way, they will be asked to start their leave early and not return after the half-term break.

Leavers Events/Activities

We are still hoping to hold some specific events for Year 11 students as part of the celebration of their journey here at St Edmund’s. These are currently planned as follows:


Wednesday 5th May                                           Year 11 Group Photograph.

Thursday 6th May                                              Year 11 Individual Photographs.

Friday 11th June                                                 Leavers Mass.

Wednesday 16th June                                        BBQ/Quiz.

Friday 25th June                                                Leavers Assembly.                               

Thursday 1st July                                               Leavers Ball (invited students only).

Thursday 12th August                                        Exam Results Day (10am – 11am).

Students attending the Leavers Assembly should wear smart ‘interview style’ clothes (shorts, collarless shirts, denim, trainers and leather are not permitted). For the Leavers Ball the dress code is formal attire. We will inform you should we need to cancel any of these events as a result of Coronavirus.

 Results Day

Results will be distributed on Thursday 12th August from 10am until 11am. We will use the Hall in the same way as for your results from Year 10.  We will review the requirements for social distancing nearer the date, but will make sure that the expectations are clearly set out.

If for any reason you cannot collect your results on that day we will offer two alternatives;


  1. If you require someone else to collect your results you must email Mrs Robinson (jcrobinson@saintedmunds.org.uk) by the 16th July with your full name and tutor group and that person’s full name. When they come to collect your results, they will need to bring photo ID with them. We will not give out results, even to parents, if we have not received the information in advance.
  2. We will send your results home by 1st class post when we finish for results day. We will use the address we have recorded on SIMS. If you have moved recently you must make sure that we are informed as soon as you can. If you don’t want us to do this then you must contact Mrs Robinson immediately.

I would like to thank parents/carers for their wonderful support they give to both their children and St Edmund’s. Whilst students have been deprived of the opportunity to sit examinations they have and always will be part of the St Edmund’s family. We know that students will have continued success in the future and that their time here at St Edmund’s will enable them to ‘I can do all things with the help of God who strengthens me’ (Philippians 4:13).

Mr S Graham