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Latest letter to Year 11 Students

25 January 2021 (by Lisa Slight (lslight))

Year 11 Exams, Prom and Leavers' Hoodies

I would like to start by saying how impressed I am with Year 11 over the past two weeks. Attendance to online lessons on the whole has been fantastic, despite some technical difficulties that have arisen.


Students I am sure, have had it stressed to them constantly the importance of these online lessons. Given the uncertainty at this time around exams and how grades will be awarded we want students to understand that every lesson is important. If Centre Assessed grades were to be used again like last year teachers will have to look at a range of factors including, classwork, homework, effort and engagement to learning, which at this time takes the form of being online. Simply turning on the lesson and then not engaging or participating in any form gives us, as teachers, little guidance about how well each student is understanding the content and therefore the grade they are currently working at.

If last years’ experience is anything to go by, it is important that you remember that students who are allocated the same grade by the centre will be ranked, for example strongest Grade 4 to weakest Grade 4. Pupils engagement with all aspects of their learning will impact upon their ranking. Therefore, I would like to take this opportunity to remind students and parents that every student should be logged onto lessons from 8.45 -3pm each day, with tutor time taking place at 8.30am on a Friday. If there are any issues with technology or accessing lessons please contact myself or IT support, information can be found on the website.

As a school, we will endeavour to give Year 11 the final year they deserve as part of their journey here at St Edmund’s, although we are not sure how the second half of the year will look we are determined to plan and support as normal. Therefore I have been busy sorting out the Leavers’ Hoodies for the Year group and we have also been looking at Prom arrangements.


In terms of Prom at this time we are expecting to invite ALL students in Year 11 to this. Formal invites will be given to students on their return to school. This is different to in the past where students would have been invited in waves, as we as a school feel Year 11 have had to work extremely hard this year and have been very resilient to the constant changes that they have had to face. Students will however have to ensure that the behaviour and attendance to learning that they have shown continues to this high standard or they could risk having their invite taken off of them. 


I am writing to offer Year 11 the opportunity to purchase Leavers Hoodies which will be exclusively for the use of Year 11 pupils, and will be allowed to be worn in school as a privilege.

The design of the hoodie will have the School Crest and Leavers 2021 on the front and on the back all pupils’ names will be printed in a 21 logo.

The hoodies will be available in multiple colours and sizes and can be printed with a nickname/name if desired. The cost of the Hoodie is £26.95 with an additional £3.95 added on if you wish to have a name/nickname. Pupils entitled to receive a bursary are able to use this to cover the cost – please speak to Miss Hammond to complete your order by the deadline.

The deadline for all orders and payment is Friday 12th March 2021. We have set up an online shop which can be found here at https://www.schoolleaverscompany.co.uk/leavers-hoodies-login

Username: SL53088

Password: 53088stedmunds

Please note that all hoodies are bespoke and cannot be replaced if an incorrect style/colour is chosen by mistake. Any added nickname, or writing must be unoffensive and appropriate. Where the school does not deem for this to be acceptable, the order will be cancelled.

We hope that you will seriously consider purchasing a hoodie, which will not only be used for the remainder of the time at school, but will also be a nice souvenir for the future.

Should you wish to order a Hoodie, please complete an online order by the deadline of March 12th 2021.

Please note Leavers Hoodies that need to be ordered after the deadline date will incur an increase in cost. To order following the deadline please see Miss Hammond.

If you have any questions or concerns about anything at all please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kindest regards

Miss Hammond

Year 11 Head of Learning