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KS4 Homework Assignments
(Years 10 & 11)

Independent Homework

Homework is an essential way of encouraging independence in learning. For homework to be effective there must be consistency in school practice combined with parental support. At Key stage 4 pupils should be building on the good practice that they should have acquired by completing the independent homework task set during years 7-9.



Studying for GCSE examinations requires many different and varied skills and tasks. Pupils may have to complete coursework or controlled assessments or may have to put together a portfolio of work as part of their course.

Homework is therefore going to depend very much on the requirements of the course and the individual progress each student is making in their course.

Regular homework will be set by each teacher and the exact task and the date each homework is due in should be recorded by the student in their diary.


Year 10 Homework Deadlines

Pupils are expected to spend around two hours on each essay title.

HAND IN DATES – 17TH Sept, 1st Oct, 15th Oct , 5th Nov, 19th Nov, Dec 3rd, 17th Dec

Across the whole Autumn Term Pupils should have completed seven essays (Three Modern Novels, Two Power and Conflict Poetry, Two Unseen Poetry). 

Year 10 Autumn and Spring Term Homework Booklet

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Year 11 Spring Term Homework

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Further Information

If you have any further questions or concerns about homework please contact your child’s tutor, Head of Learning or the appropriate Head of Department.

Thank you for your support.