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Approach to Teaching

Dance is a brand new, exciting subject for all students at St Edmund’s beginning in September 2012. Dance is now offered as part of the curriculum at KS3, with all pupils in Year 7, 8 and 9 taking Dance lessons as part of their weekly timetable, as well as a brand new option for pupils at KS4. Dance lessons at St Edmunds aims to provide students with a dance education that will not only assist them with further training at KS4 but provide students with key skills that will help them throughout their life.

Students learn a variety of topics that assist them in social communication skills, working within small and larger groups, as well as providing personal, learning and thinking skills throughout. This is achieved through creating an environment where students are able to creatively produce work and in turn be able to appreciate the work of their peers.

Key Stage 3 content (Year 7-9)

At KS3, lessons focus on teaching pupils the basic skills and techniques required for success at KS4, covering areas such as choreography, performance and evaluation in Dance. This is taught through the study of basic body movements, looking at a variety of different stimuli in order to create movement from. Students will study themes such as the Olympics, Cartoons and video games, Cars, Action and Reaction, Musicals, and use of props in dance. Throughout each unit students will be introduced to devices that they can apply to their choreography that will develop their movement further. This will allow students to experiment with: changes of levels, group formations and positions, pathways, unison and canon, dynamics and speeds, and relationships in dance through contact work and basic lifts.

In addition students will also study Dance styles from around the world such as Indian dance, Spanish dance, African dance, and the recently popular Free Running that has developed from France.

Key Stage 4 content (Year 10-11)

Edexcel BTEC Level 2 First Certificate in Performing Arts; Dance.

This course comprises of three mandatory units, all of which have a strongly weighted practical element, with the addition of an element of written coursework within each unit which focuses upon self-evaluation and reflection. . It aims to develop physical and performance skills through the process of rehearsal and performance, which offers a great opportunity for progression. Students study a variety of different technical and interpretive skills within a variety of different dance styles. The units have a strong focus on practical workshops and technique classes, also involving rehearsing and performing choreographed dances, and taking part in performances. In addition students will develop their understanding of the Performing Arts industry and the job roles on offer within this industry.

There are 3 units to BTEC Dance:


Unit 1: Individual Showcase

Creating a letter of application for a specific job role within the Performing Arts industry – taking place under controlled conditions.
Preparing for an “audition scenario” using a given stimulus.
Performance of your audition lasting two minutes.

This unit will be prepared for within choreographic workshops and lesson time, and assessed externally by an examiner through video footage.


Unit 2: Preparation, Performance and Production

Planning for, preparing for, and producing a “showcase”.
Taking on a specific performing or production role, and preparing for that job role by carrying out tasks that will shape the performance. These could include job roles such as Marketing, Budgeting, Costume designer, Choreographer, Lighting designer etc.
Working as part of a company in order to put on a performance.

This unit will be prepared for and carried out through production meetings and creative sessions during lesson time. This unit is internally assessed by your teacher through the final show, as well as your planning and production portfolio.


Unit 4: Dance Skills

Take part in technique classes and workshops in a variety of different dance styles.
Develop physical and performance skills within a set dance.

Identify areas for improvement and set targets, tracking own progress.

This unit is delivered through workshops and technique classes. This unit is internally assessed by your teacher through the 2x 1 minute performances in 2 different dance styles, as well as your unit portfolio.