'I can do all things with the help of God who strengthens me.' Philippians (4:13)

Our Spiritual Journey

‘POP’ which means ‘Power of Prayer’ is our Spiritual Theme. It is about creating a ‘Space’ for Prayer to take place. We all need time in order to reflect upon life; time to relax, rest and regenerate. We all need time in our everyday lives to appreciate our environment, family and friends and to feel a sense of gratitude. We also need time to invite and recognise God in the ordinary events of each day and to pray for the needs of our world and our own needs. Time to reflect, to grow in awareness of self and in relationship with others and with God, needs time and a space in our daily lives.

So, as we begin this year our theme is to do just that, to create a SPACE FOR PRAYER to take place. Prayer takes many forms and this year we will be exploring that space in order to grow in relationship with God, awareness and belief in self and awareness of others.


A prayer for the new school year

God, when we open our eyes, may You be there;

When we open our ears, may You be there;

When we open our mouths, may You be there;

When we open our diaries, may You be there.

Help us to see with Your eyes;

Help us to hear with Your ears;

Help us to speak Your truth in love;

Help us make time for You…for others…for ourselves.