'I can do all things with the help of God who strengthens me.' Philippians (4:13)

School Governors - General Information

The Governing Body has overall responsibility for the School and information about the ways in which the Governors discharge this responsibility is given in the School Profile.

Hopefully, you will find here all the information you need but if not, please do not hesitate to e-mail, telephone (023 9282 3766) or call in to the School.

The Governors are proud of the way in which the School consistently achieves excellent examination results and commendable Ofsted Reports. Both the staff and the Governors are deeply committed to the School and its pupils. The whole School community endeavours to create a warm, caring environment in which all can feel secure, have a sense of purpose and foster a commitment to genuine Christian values. We firmly believe that each individual is of equal value and we strive to ensure that each pupil achieves his or her full potential.

Governors' Attendance 2018-2018

St Edmund's Catholic School:

Is totally committed to Gospel values and the education of "the whole person".

Has a good working atmosphere within a well-ordered school.

Has a well-established and sensitive pastoral care system.

Expects high standards in dress, behaviour and courtesy.

Possesses the latest technology, which is used to support learning activities.

Has a range of out-of-school activities.

Has annual exchange programmes with its link schools in Caen and Duisburg.

Includes Homework as an integral part of each pupil's academic programme.

Has an active Parents, Teachers and Friends Association.

Holds regular parent consultation evenings.

Membership of the Governing Body


Mr D Knight MBE (Chair of Governors)

Mr M Lewis (Vice-Chair of Governors)

Fr Ansel D'Mello (Portsmouth Diocese)

Mrs K Moore

Mrs R O'Reilly

Mr C Whitfield



Mr K Hudson



Mrs S Venables

Mrs R Waight



Mr S Graham (Headteacher)

Mr M Maguire (Teacher)

To find out more about each Governor please click here to view their Profiles.


The Governors may be contacted by writing to the Chair at the school address:

Chair of Governors
c/o St Edmund's Catholic School
Arundel Street

Clerk to the Governors 

Mrs C Royston

Governor Committees


Admissions Finance & Personnel Policy, Standards & Assessment

Mr D Knight MBE (Chair)

Mr S Graham

Fr D'Mello

Mr K Hudson

Mr M Lewis

Mrs R Waight


Mr K Hudson (Chair)

Mr S Graham

Mr M Maguire

Mr D Knight MBE

Mrs K Moore

Mrs R O'Reilly

Mrs R Waight

Mr J Cooper (School Business Manager)

Mr M Lewis (Chair)

Mr S Graham

Mr M Maguire

Fr D'Mello

Mrs S Venables

Mr C Whitfield


Information for Foundation Governors

There is an established process for the recruitment and appointment of foundation governors in the Diocese and as you are aware, carrying out the administrative task associated with the process does take a considerable time to complete.

It is important that the School’s Instrument of Government, a legal document, is adhered to, and in particular, the specific requirements regarding the number of foundation governors that, at the time of appointment, are eligible as parent foundation governors.

It cannot be assumed that a foundation governor who indicates a willingness to be re-appointed will automatically be re-appointed

Should they wish to be considered for re-appointment they will be asked to complete a reply slip and a signed declaration, indicating any change in personal circumstances. In addition they can provide a new supporting statement if they so wish.

A parent foundation governor whose child no longer attends the school will not be eligible for re-appointment. However they may wish to apply to serve as a foundation governor. Those governors who do not wish to be reconsidered, we would appreciate that they still complete the relevant reply slip. The Bishop automatically re-appoints the Parish Priest who is a member of a governing body.

The process, application form and Ministry of Governance, are on the Diocesan website. Please follow the link for further details: Catholic Diocese of Portsmouth - Governance.

When an application arrives in the Department for Schools Governance office, consultations and religious references will be undertaken, whether or not they are for a new applicant or a foundation governor re-applying.