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Leisure & Tourism

Approach to Teaching

We use a variety of teaching styles and there are opportunities to learn through visits. An emphasis is placed on: communicating knowledge and understanding through group work and peer assessment, gathering and recording facts to analyse problems and to evaluate evidence to put forward solutions and make recommendations. Typical business scenarios are used in class to bring learning to life. This course also encourages the development of interpersonal skills and presentation skills. Both of which are highly prized in this service industry.

Key Stage 3 (Year 7-9)

Leisure & Tourism is not currently available for KS3 pupils.

Key Stage 4 (Year 10-11)

This AQA Single Award in Leisure and Tourism 4842

Leisure and Tourism is real. It is a practical subject about real leisure activities that people do and about the fun places that they visit. It is subject where you can have lessons on exciting destinations around the world and learn about how people travel to these places and about the effects that they have on the environment and local people. You will also learn about the different types of leisure and tourism facilities, how they are changing and how they are run as businesses. It will help you develop knowledge and understanding of the world and one of its most important modern industries. It will help you grow into an effective and independent learner with an enquiring mind who can make a real future contribution.

1 hour written exam worth 60 marks. (40% of the total marks)

The questions will be in the form of some short and long questions. Followed by a controlled assessment that is worth 80 marks. This represents 60% of the total marks. This assessment will be about the nature of the leisure and tourism industry.

This course is worth one GCSE.

During the course we will study:

How leisure and tourism organisations operate as businesses.
Some UK and overseas travel destinations and leisure activities.
How people spend their leisure time.
How the industry meets peoples’ needs.
What employment opportunities are available in the industry.
How the industry advertises and promotes itself effectively.
Sustainability in the industry.

GCSE Leisure and Tourism is a really useful educational and career step to make. It can help you progress to GCE A level and other level 3 courses and towards the world of work.