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Health & Safety

Last update: 2021-09-09

Should any families be impacted by Covid over this term or experience other similar problems please email:


Risk Assessment

 2021 03 - St Edmund's Home-Lateral-Device-Testing-Risk-Assessment.pdfDownload
 Covid 19 Instructions Movement Around the School Site.pdfDownload
 COVID-19 RA for families visiting UK~Overseas.docxDownload
 COVID-19 RA for families visiting UK~Overseas.pdfDownload
 COVID-19 RA v2 Keyworker Vunerable Children.pdfDownload
 COVID-19 RA v7 St Edmund's - Detailed.pdfDownload
 COVID-19 v1 RA Managing Premises Functions.pdfDownload
 Guidance for Contractors for Covid-19 Protective Safety.pdfDownload
 Guidance for Site Team for Covid-19 Protective Safety.pdfDownload
 Guidance for staff for Covid-19 Protective Safety.pdfDownload
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Useful Information

 Attendance Policy Oct 2019.pdfDownload
 Medication Policy.pdfDownload
 Privacy Notice - for supply of contact details by schools and colleges for management of Covid-19 testing.pdfDownload
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