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Statements from the Headteacher

Last update: 2021-11-29

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Statement from the Head (29th November 2021)

Covid: New Guidelines

Following the Government’s announcement on Saturday and new information received over the weekend, I am now writing to inform you of how we will continue to operate as safely as possible whilst not detracting from the educational experiences of our children.   


For the last 3-weeks of term we will be operating the following:


  • Increasing hand washing/gel use.
  • Increasing the wiping of tables/equipment between lessons.
  • Wearing masks in corridors and communal areas (unless exempt).
  • Masks in classrooms will remain optional.
  • Reducing the numbers of visitors to school. This will continue to be by appointment only.
  • ALL visitors to the school will be required to wear masks (unless wearing exemption badge).
  • Reviewing all events and holding them in the safest way.
  • Issue students/parent advice and guidelines in relation to online learning (should this be required).


The relatively low levels of Covid amongst staff/students indicate that we should be confident in how we are all operating as safely as possible. As I am sure you are aware, we have continued with a split break approach and open door/window policy which has had a positive impact for students.

The Government have also indicated the requirement for all students to be tested prior to returning after the Christmas break. This will unfortunately result in a staggered return in January. I will update you with further information prior to the end of term.  

It is essential that students continue to test at home twice a week (Sunday and Wednesday) and report the result on the student link.

Thank you for your continued support.


Mr Graham



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A reminder that all students should continue to be tested every Wednesday and Sunday and report the results on the student link.  If the LFT is positive please email the text/email notification to covid@saintedmunds.org.uk and then book a PCR. Only the student who is positive should isolate until the result of the PCR is received. Please email covid@saintedmunds.org.uk the result of the PCR whether negative or positive. 


Covid-19 Guidance for Return (Updated 1st September 2021)
Stage 1: First Two Weeks:
- Masks are optional in all classrooms.
- Masks are compulsory in corridors for all students and staff.
- Any student who is exempt from wearing a mask should wear a lanyard at all times.
- Continue to regularly wash hands or use hand gel. This will be compulsory during morning registration.
Stage 2: Week Three until end of Half-Term:
- Masks will be optional in classrooms and corridors for staff/students who are testing twice weekly at home.
- Staff/students who are opting not to test must continue to wear masks.
- Continue with hand sanitisation.
- Any student who is exempt from wearing a mask should wear their lanyard at all times.

Privacy Notices

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