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Art Home Learning Packs

All Years General Work

 2020 Visual Literacy.pdfDownload
 How to make your own art materials.pdfDownload
 Photography Homework Project.pdfDownload
 Sculpture Challenge.pdfDownload
 Week 6-7 Art Journal-Therapy Club.pdfDownload
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Art KS3

 Year 7 Art Week 6.pdfDownload
 Year 7 Art Week 7.pdfDownload
 Year 7 Art Week 8.pdfDownload
 year 8 Art Week 6.pdfDownload
 year 8 Art Week 7.pdfDownload
 Year 8 Art Week 8.pdfDownload
 Year 9 Art Week 6.pdfDownload
 year 9 Art Week 7.pdfDownload
 Year 9 Art Week 8.pdfDownload
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Art KS4

 Analysing and evaluating.pdfDownload
 Annotating your work.pdfDownload
 Year 10 GCSE Art Homework Task - Plans.pdfDownload
 Year 10 GCSE Fine Art - Final Piece.pdfDownload
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Year 9 Photography

 2020 Visual Literacy.pptxDownload
 Photography Homework Project Page (2).pubDownload
 Year 9 Home Learning Project.pdfDownload
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Year 10 Photography

 Week.2 Year 10 GCSE Photography.pdfDownload
 Week.3 Year 10 GCSE Photography.pdfDownload
 Year 10 Photog.pdfDownload
 Year 10 Summer term- Teaching with Mrs James.pptxDownload
 Year 10 Summer term.pdfDownload
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