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Art Home Learning Packs

All Years General Work

 2020 Visual Literacy.pdfDownload
 How to make your own art materials.pdfDownload
 Photography Homework Project.pdfDownload
 Sculpture Challenge.pdfDownload
 Week 6-7 Art Journal-Therapy Club.pdfDownload
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Art KS3

 7 M ART Mrs Brown Lesson 1 horse week 9.pdfDownload
 7M ART Mrs Brown week11 colourful no2.Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation.pdfDownload
 7M ART week 10 with Mrs Brown. Draw horse head.pdfDownload
 7M ART week 14 make no 8. Mrs Brown .pdfDownload
 7M ART week 15 make mobile Mrs Brown.pdfDownload
 7M ART week13 make no1.pdfDownload
 7M ART with Mrs Brown week 12. collage number four.pdfDownload
 9M Art Week 14.pdfDownload
 9m Week 11 Art.pdfDownload
 9m Week 11~Week12 Art.pdfDownload
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Art KS4

 Analysing and evaluating.pdfDownload
 Annotating your work.pdfDownload
 Year 10 GCSE Art Homework Task - Plans.pdfDownload
 Year 10 GCSE Fine Art - Final Piece.pdfDownload
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Year 9 Photography

 2020 Visual Literacy.pptxDownload
 Photography Homework Project Page (2).pubDownload
 Year 9 Home Learning Project.pdfDownload
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Year 10 Photography

 Week.2 Year 10 GCSE Photography.pdfDownload
 Week.3 Year 10 GCSE Photography.pdfDownload
 Year 10 Photog.pdfDownload
 Year 10 Summer term- Teaching with Mrs James.pptxDownload
 Year 10 Summer term.pdfDownload
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