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Free School Meals Provision

Last update: 2021-01-19

Should any families be impacted by Covid over this term or experience other similar problems please email:


Free School Meals Edenred Supermarket Vouchers (Update 18th January 2021)

The Government have now confirmed that the Edenred Free School Meals supermarket voucher scheme will be up and running from Monday 18th January 2021.   If you  have not yet confirmed your email address please do so by emailing covid@saintedmunds.org.uk including the name of the student (s) so you can be issued with your e-voucher.

For those students (vulnerable/students of critical workers) who are in school who are entitled to free school meals you will of course receive your supermarket vouchers but students will now be required to bring in a packed lunch when in school. 


Please note that Edenred have advised that due to the volume of schools using this voucher scheme that it can take up to 5 days for the e-code to be sent to your email address provided. This delay is beyond the school's control.

How to redeem the E-voucher

The DfE has pledged to fund meals for the next four weeks until the February half-term for children who are eligible for free school meals due to financial hardship. Families in receipt of qualifying benefits will receive a £15 voucher per eligible child per week in order to buy food.  This is via Edenred the same Government system that the school used over the Covid lockdown period when schools were closed.   

You will receive a code to the email address that the school has on its system.  The email will contain a code made up of 16 numbers, this is your 'Redemption eCode'.

You will need to go online to swap this eCode for an eGift card (an online voucer). To do this you need to click on the 'Redeem your eCode' button in the email or visit www.selectyourcompliment.co.uk/grocery 

You will then need to enter the eCode into the box on the website and click on Redeem.   

You will then see a list of supermarkets. The next step is to choose your supermarket, the amount of money you want to order, and then click on Add to basket. 

You should then click on Checkout and enter your email address.   

The eGift card has a barcode, or a link to see a barcode online.  You will need the barcode to use the eGift card (or online voucher to pay at the supermarket). (If you cannot see the barcode you may need to click on Download images to see it).   


The vouchers will be issued w/c 18th January to cover two weeks (cost of £15 per week = £30 for 1 student, £60 for 2 students, £90 for 3 students) then again the w/c 1st February to cover the last two weeks before February half-term.


Further support and guidance

The school can guide you through the process i.e. if your email address has changed and you have not informed the school by emailing covid@saintedmunds.org.uk   Please be mindful that the voucher e-code may take a few days to arrive in your email inbox. Please also check your junk/spam inbox.

Any technical enquiries then please contact Edenred directly  freeschoolmeals@edenred.com  or 0333 400 5932.


Useful Guides for the Edenred Free School Meal Christmas Voucher Scheme

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Free School Meals Food Parcels & Edenred Vouchers (Update 13th January 2021)

As you may be aware during the last lockdown and the Christmas holidays the school utilised the Free School Meals supermarket voucher scheme for those who are eligible for benefits related free school meals only.   We are hopeful that this voucher scheme will be up and running from Monday 18th January 2021 but definitely by the week commencing Monday 25th January at the latest.


Click here to view the full statement

Use of Bursary 2020-2021

As you may be aware last year the school received additional finances to support students who are eligible for free school meals.  This money has been used in a variety of ways which you can view via the school website. I am pleased to inform you that the government has funded this again for the current year. It is highly unlikely that this funding may stop next year.

Once again we have decided that it would be beneficial to give parents a ‘bursary’ which they could use at their discretion for the specific needs for the education of their child. This was successful last year in supporting the learning of many students.

We have increased the bursary which now amounts to £110 and is available for parents to use during this academic year.  (This money cannot be given directly to parents) but spent in school at the request of parents.   However, if the technology or building fund has not been paid for this academic year this will be deducted from the bursary.

For example, the bursary could be used to:


  • contribute towards the cost of uniform.
  • supplement the cost of a school trip.
  • pay for specific school related resources.
  • pay for work experience (Year 10 only).
  • go towards paying the school building fund or technology.
  • contribution towards music tuition.
  • other agreed expenditure.

As a public funded organisation the school is accountable for the money and must be able to demonstrate proof of expenditure via a receipt.  I am aware that some support has already been given to parents via their bursary. All bursary money needs to be spent by Friday 2nd July 2021. To access the bursary there is a claim form which needs to be completed prior to any money allocated. (Transactions must total over £10 per claim form).  

If you wish to use your bursary at any time during the academic year or have any further questions please contact the Finance Office on 023 9282 3766 extension 234 or by email finance@saintedmunds.org.uk or your child’s Pastoral Leader. 

This bursary will only be available during this academic year and I hope that it will help support you in some appropriate way.

Use or Bursary Forms

 PPG-bursary-form-20-21 (1).docDownload
 Pupil premium grant student bursary Sept 2020.pdfDownload
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Free School Meals (how to apply for FSM)

Parents or carers of children who are entitled to any of the following benefits are entitled to free school meals:

  • Income Support
  • Income-based Jobseekers Allowance
  • Income-related Employment and Support Allowance
  • Support under Part VI of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999
  • The guaranteed element of State Pension Credit
  • Child Tax Credit only, provided your annual household income (as assessed by HM Revenue & Customs) does not exceed £16,190. Anyone entitled to Working Tax Credit is not entitled to free meals regardless of income
  • Working Tax Credit run-on - paid for 4 weeks after you stop qualifying for Working Tax Credit
  • Universal Credit, if your earned income was £616.67 or less in your last monthly assessment period, or less than an average of £616.67 a month over the last 2 or 3 monthly assessment periods

If you think you may be entitled to free school meals please continue to complete this form or by clicking here to complete an online application directly through the LEA.

Follow the link for more information about free school meals at https://www.gov.uk/apply-free-school-meals 

Free School Meals - Application Form

 FSM Application Form.pdfDownload
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